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Caramel Panacotta with Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse Cake

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When the good and best of two worlds come together it gives birth to a sinful, heavenly combination. The divine matrimony of the creamy Italian Panacotta and rich caramel has led to the Caramel Panacotta Cake. Pancotta recipe straight from the Italian culinary archive, a crunchy caramelized biscuit from France and sea salt from the lakes of Great Britain lend the exclusive palette of tastes to this unique creation from Ovenfresh. Caramel made from scratch with French cream and golden butter adds to the richness of thecake. Layered with a dense chocolate sponge the variation of chocolaty shades is evident. The highlight of the cake is the Italian panacotta that is sandwiched between a lush chocolate creamoux the cake is heavy on both taste and texture. The eggless delight does not compromise at any level and is ideal for all food lovers. Garnished with a light hazelnut ganache, the nuttiness takes the cake to another level. Prices including all Govt taxes (central excise, Vat and service tax) Price excluding delivery charge.
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